Bots bots and more bots


How can I go from around 3700 trophies to 3360 just like that. It’s like it’s purposely putting me up against far higher levelled Dino to knock my score well bellow 3500 so I have to build back up again. I’ve literally won 2 battles out of that massive drop. I usually hover in and around 3650-700 so somethings not right.


Nope, it’s working as intended. Did it cause you to consider buying an incubator?


No, I only really spend on the one time offers I’ve spent a fiver here and there tho. Is that what there trying to tell me is it? I guess what they’re saying is you ain’t getting past 3700 you’ve over stayed your welcome now get down to the 3300s n stay there till you level up more hey haha.


In all seriousness I was stuck too. I think a lot of people like us who were willing to shell out a little money here and there got to a certain level before running out of coins. Then it became apparent what it would REALLY cost to move forward and we said “no way” So now there’s a huge portion of the player base who is clumped up in sorna marshes.


True. :point_up:t2:
I’ve just won4 in a row now haha. It’s playing with emotions. :smile:




There is a giant bulk of people brought to 4000 pushing each other down to climb up and they were pushed down to your level. Those people’s teams are still stronger than yours and they are stepping on your weaker team to climb back up.


Yeah this tournament reset has the same effect as a season reset in clash royale. Everyone ends up being pushed down a few hundred trophys and the first few days are brutal. I would recommend getting used to it because i expect it to be a once a month thing.


Yer I didn’t really notice it last tourney coz I was around 3300-400 but since that I started climbing then soon as this new one started I’ve come up against some big hitters. I’m now starting to win some trophies back but I’ll be most likely floating around 3500-600 as it levels back out for next 20 days.

Thanks for shedding light on it for me :+1:t2:


vs high level dino enemy not means they are bot, but sure in this game is really got many bot , haha


I would be happy to drop to 3300 from 3700…then i will face lesser opponents, will have to battle less for 1 frikking incubator…and at the end: it doesnt matter, because the reward you get from 3300 trophies is the same as 3700…but life is much better: less time consuming, less frustration and more time for something else in life…so embrace this, instead of being very frustrated and taking so much positive energy from you ;-). Have fun with the game.


I want to climb to the next arena tho that’s my aim.