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I thought we were getting rid of bots or cheaters? I just battled 2 teams in a row with a maxed Indoraptor and level 20 epics? You can’t even get that paying for boxes!?!?!


Yoi can have indoraptor and lvl20 legendaries even whitout paying just grinding, the problem is guys whit uniqjes at 28,30


Is this possible? A lvl 12 player, only LVL 12 with 3 uniques? :open_mouth: I’m LVL 12, no unique… XD


I have a hard time believing that anyone can legitimately have a level 30 Indoraptor because I’ve been hunting raptors diligently since I started playing and I don’t see how anyone could actually gather enough to fuse a level 30. I’ve faced multiple of them though, so maybe they’re just better at hunting than I am. I have multiple level 20+ epics and legendaries, so that part isn’t impossible or even hard to do. It just takes a lot of hunting and fusing.


I faced someone today (same player, twice) who brought out a trex against my monostego… His trex went 1st, criticalled. I brought out gorga… Trex went 1st again, critical hit. 2 opponents later, same guy, same thing. Brings out his rex and goes 1st and crits.


It’s called cash. They use a lot of it and pay for the dinos they want. And the lvl 20 epics could be gotten without cash. Many start at lvl 16 so not that huge of a jump for dedicated grinders playing legit.


How do you buy DNA with cash? I didn’t know that was possible.


Not for a specific dinosaur but there is a ton in incubators that you buy for cash


Even then, you’re limited to a certain number of each incubator you can buy. You can’t just buy 20 of them. And I don’t remember seeing raptors in the incubators, but I also don’t pay attention to them anymore because I only buy coins.


The DNA in the incubators switch out every week I believe.


You can buy all the boxes you want, but the dna you receive won’t get you these levels we’re seeing. If you’re spending thousands of dollars daily, maybe, but come on!?!


level 20 epics are not cheaters. they are not too terribly hard to get. the cheaters are the people with multiple level 26+ uniques. no one is getting them just by darting or even incubators unless you are spending $10,000+. it costs hundreds of thousands, if not millions of coins though, which you will only get by spending a lot of money – which is why ludia isn’t banning them.

also, player level does not matter. if you only level up the dinos on your team, you will have high levels, but not a high player level.


I think I met a similar guy here. Sadly such “players” ruin the fun of the game. Falling down to smash smaller players. And strangely all uniques etc. on nearly the same level. Why not one 22 or 23? why everyone 21? I think having one or two on this level with heavy grinding/farming ist possible if you have many of this kind in your area. But the complete rooster? I blame them cheating.


Time for the rats to start jumping the sinking ship I have drop from 2980 right down to 2000, loseing in a fight I don’t mind but when you are hit with 7 stun in a row then the game is cheating, yet there so big to rid the game of cheats double standards springs to mind I have walk past 5 trex gen 2 this mornin and not botherd to get them when the game is cheating the players anyway in to spending money so me I’m out of here been a blast talking to all guys over the month :+1:t3: U all take care and be safe out there :+1:t3::+1:t3:


I don’t fall down to “smash other players.”

This. I tire of going back and forth between arenas (win then lose). I will use my lower levels to return to the previous arena. When I’m better prepared, I’ll bring in the bad boys to return to the next level arena.

Apparently doing so makes me a “cheater” when in reality I am trying to better my team for the next level.


Even when they buying incubators they can’t choose DNA they want.


This is basic level for uniques. All just unlocked. While there are some hard to get uniques this doesn’t mean that player is a cheater.


It’s called spoofing. I don’t think Ludia has figured out how to crack down on this. I’ve seen several comments from people who claimed to not be spoofers and got banned and some who have come right out and said they spoofed and didn’t get banned. So until Ludia can actually do something about the spoofers it’s going to continue. I’ve also seen cheats online to get unlimited cash and coins. Not sure if it’s a real deal but it’s out there. I just keep grinding and have fun rather then let it bother me. ITS JUST A FREAKING GAME. SMH.


The unlimited coins and cash cheats are scams to get you to go to dodgy websites and fill you’re phone with viruses it’s been mentioned many a time here on the forum


If you spoof wisely, they aren’t likely to catch you.
Same as PoGo, stick to cool down periods and watch what software you use.

I used to spoof PoGo. Never banned. Nothing different with JWA, except I haven’t spoofed on my main account.

There is a huge support base for spoofing JWA. Just saying. Coordinates are what you need, or hot spot coordinates.