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Bots dropped me 300 trophies


i dropped from 38xx to 35xx in a matter of hours. im getting instant matches with all lv 25’s its not like im waiting 20-30 seconds to get a match. its instant, id get it if it was a long wait so you can play but come on. ive got almost all lv 15-20’s and no chance against these over powered bots. at least let me have a chance ludia.


Same thing happened to me dropped me out of the top 500, really lame.


Only way to beat bots is having indoraptor who can oneshot almost one of they


Once you lose to real players 2x, you’re instantly matched with bots until you win. I’m not sure why this system is in place since the bots are level 25 - 30 at above 3400 trophies, yet hardly anyone in the arena is.



Dont know if it was a bot or just a high competitive player but I sure hate who ever I faced


I lose 300 trophies to bots nightly since I do so many battles. And you don’t need an Indoraptor to beat bots. You just need a few lucky stuns sometimes. I beat level 30s a few times without an Indoraptor and my highest levels at the time being 21 or 22.


i just got into that area the other day to get the exclusive dino since i dont have it yet lol so far i havnt run into bots yet im in 31xx but i hope you people can get back in the top 500’s


Perhaps you dont need a indoraptor if have some leveled dinos, but having one make you beat bots lvl 30 perhaps in - 100 trophies instead losing 300


Same thing happened to me last night!
I dropped from 33## trophies to 2990 last night with a dozen bots in a row. Also that whole string it didn’t give me my lvl 17 raptor once :frowning: my other dinos are lvl 11 - 14. All bots were 20+