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Bots enough!

Its time to ban accounts with bots!!! Enough this! I have invested something around 300 hundred dollars to play pvp against real people. No against bot with high legendary stuff. D&d is a serious game, and that was what I believed about this game. If you let it go this way it will be not a d&d merchandise good strategy, afterall d&d is about fun and not bots!!!

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Feeling buyers remorse? Looks like you’ll have to wait a few months for everyone to catch up. Think of it this way, those bots are made just for you. You’ve unlocked a private velvet rope mode that’s exclusively yours, feel better?

In my opinion the bots are nice so you can battle something instead of waiting long time to battle a real person, yes the bots can be really strong but for the last arena where theres less people, it’s reasonable, annoying to all hell but reasonable, I can defeat every bot in A6 but A7 I get rolled like 3/4 times till I drop back to A6 and repeat

I was thinking bots were from players accounts. Are bots really created by game developers? Can this be confirmed by some developer? Then it makes sense. Anyway, if bots are created by the game then their gear and lvl should be more equivalent considering real players specifically.

How about they make the bot team an identical mirror of what we have, including the same classes/levels/gear. Seems like that would be a more fair fight instead of getting steamrolled by a team with full legendary gear and being stuck with no healer.


I wonder… Just got to Arena 7, how can you tell if you’re fighting a bot?

But yeah they have those shady two word names:
Etc…the link above contain actual bots you can find in game (Arena 7)

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