I would rather be told there are no players to fight at that time, rather than facing a bot in arena 7.

I can lose 2 close matches to players and then you end up facing a bot and you could lose 5 or 6 in a row against stupid level dinos…

I’d much rather the game just say “there are no players available try again”


Fix your damn BOTS
Bored of bots
Ludia unfair matches
Ludia please explain how battles are meant to be fair
14 Level Difference Bots! Ughhhhhh
Brilliant idea

Lol know the pain man


That would make more sense. Or at least balance out the bots better.


Ya I’m tired of fighting a losing battle with bots in arena 7 that are 3 and 4 levels higher then me. Total crap!!


This is pointless…no way to win against Bots!!!


I agree, its way to hard to go up against bots that are 2 to 10 levels or more ahead of u…no way to beat them at all


I didn’t know there were bots on the game! O.o


And yet again. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!


Yesterday after losing to two players, I was chain killed by 8 bots before I finally won after a half hour of chain deaths.

Those bots should be no higher than the highest dino on our teams. Seems those bot teams have all the same level dinosaurs. My highest dino is 18 and I was figthing bot teams where every dino was level 20 and 21 when some on my team are only 13.


At least give us more time… no bots until we lose 3 (not 2) battles in a row. Although some of the players I’m facing now (~3500 trophies) make me wish I was fighting a bot! At least they won’t bring in an Indorapter…


Thats true. It not fun to battle high lvl bots. They could give at least an option : “Do you want to battle a bot instead?” . If the the bots would at least make any sense… but the whole bot system is totally broken. With 3k trophies you face lvl 20 bots and with 3.6k trophies you face lvl 30 bots… i mean, why not lvl 22 or 23 bots? It does not even make sense and i dont get what the programmers were thinking when implementing this system.


Fully agree with all the comments above. This will drive people away from the game, level 7 is a joke right now. My team is 12-16 and it’s no fun at all to lose to bots at level 21 picking all the wrong moves!


In Arena 7 (3600-3800 rating) usually your first encounter a set of lv30 epics. Then if you lose, you now start getting lvl 27-28s… if you lose again 26-27s or lower quality at the same levels and so on and so forth until you actually win.

A few levels higher are beatable, especially if they don’t include OP dinos like Pyro/Veloci or some of the other really good ones we already know and have (only at 2x lower levels). I never had big issues beating 7-8-9 lvls higher than me, but the lvl30s are just not doable. Only a few combos of dinos and a lucky draw of your own ones can get you a victory here and there, but its the luck of the draw.


I was thinking this the other day: make boys optional. If they give us the option to turn them on or off then this solves everything. If you turn them off and no one is found for match making then it times out. Oh well, try again. I’d much rather this than frustrating loses. And then if no one is around, the. Turn them back on so you can play.

I’d still also drop their levels, max 5 levels higher than the player’s highest level dino, but not all at that level. Boys are easy to spot because every level is the same. I can barely take out one lvl 24, let alone three…


So stupid. What’s the point for creating unbeatable opponent when you reach a certain level. I went from 2500 to 3720 over the last day and, one win away from cracking the Leaderboard, I go up,against level 30 Dino’s. Really? Why?


im already fall from 3,7k arena thropies to 3,2…cuz of bots it s**ks…


Bots aren’t hard for me if u know how to battle


so tell me how you beat lvl 30 apatosaurs or dino with huge hp ?


Agree with you @GreySatyr.
Just impossible to beat a series of 4 and 5 k dinos especially when the system selects the weakest lineup among your team.


and also allosaurs is 30 IKing everytihing in my squad