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Bots in gameplay battles?


Are these jurassic world alive generated bots to boost gameplay or are these just cheaters because now that I’m above 3000 I’m seeing a lot of them with the specific name set I was told about . Btw I record most of the gameplay with screen shots of who I battle with notes only for accounts I think are bots or the players who lose so bad that they let the clock run down for the last dino or moves it’s annoying does anyone else face this or try to notice bots because there’s a lot of them from what I’m seeing some are pretty difficult with level 24-26 Dino’s I mean everyone they send out and most the time there’re commons at super levels which are beasts to beat!!

Btw don’t buy incubators LOL :joy:

Thanks everyone for your replies -bad or good

Unfair bots

Hi, I’m a top 50 player, now just hit the top 20 and my ID you can find in top list which is IndominusRex.
I’ve faced the worst battles before which all three enemy dinos including epic one are lv30. Think about lv30 epic raptor, it might kill your all teams by itself. I’m just like you that screen shot the player ID but find none of them are in the top list but still can beat me again and again easily. However, there’s a way can surely avoid the bots which should definitely help you. Try enter the battle button and count down less than few second (I’ll say less than 6s) and than cancel it and try enter again. The bots always happens when you set a battle and wait for nobody, bots will comes up for sure.


Check out the names after the fight. If the names not in the ranking, I Guess they are bots.


If your search for a battle takes longer than 30 secs, it can match you with a bot, and yes, It’s for sure because the top players face level 30 dinos while nobody has even reached it yet. The highest level dino is now around 27.


Bots are usually easy to tell apart from actual fighters because, as far as I’ve seen in my arenas (1-3) their levels are usually much lower than they should be; no one comes to the Arcadia with Lv3-4 dinos. 'Course I only see them if I happen to lose a couple matches, so seeing them is kind of a sigh of relief, lol! But from what I’ve heard, the higher arena bots have “Gandalf” Bots whose dinos are Lv30. But for the most part, from my experience, their teams usually have dinos that are easier to deal with and are several levels weaker than the current ranges. They were implemented for those who live in areas where there may not be many players to fight against, but it looks like the same can be said for the few that make it very far.


You should not have to face anyone with a dinosaur which is 5 levels above you. I am a level 10 and I am facing people with level 20… What an earth?


Yea your correct I did some research on botted apponents in games :+1:


I think it depends on what map your on that’s who you face


I can tell by their names now and by dino levels they are ridiculous


I’ve heard their names are a telltale too, but you don’t see the names till after the match, so I just go by the dinos. Now, if you’re in a certain arena and see someone with dinos several levels stronger, they lost on purpose to get there.


Hey there! I just reached arena 7 myself a couple of days ago, but so far I’ve only faced real people, with average level more or less like mine, so matches have been rather entertaining, competitive and fun. Try this tip:

Hope it helps :3


Awesome reply thanks so much best info shared yet :+1::grin::canada:



I know the 7th arena is meant to be challanging but matching me with lv30 bots is just to much (i’m lv15 and my highest level dino is lv21) no matter how much i try to counter my enemie bots team i just get eaten alive. Lv30 nodopatosaurus one hittet my cloaked indominus rex with a crit for the 9th time today. Please ludia do sometging to balance this issue.