Bots in multiplayer - im very nervous


I’m very nervous about the game. I spent two hundred dollars and I’m being fooled by Ludia. I have 3500 trophies and I have just played FIVE followed games against bots from level 24 to 30. This is a hoax because I spent all that money to upgrade my dinosaurs and get me to play against robots. I am very angry.


Step away from Battle. There is nobody else to match you up with. Wait until more players are online.


Well I lost two rounds and am now in bot hell. How do I get out? Sorry if I’m hi jacking post.


Not sure. Try replacing your studs with commons you liked when you started. Maybe it will trigger a bot reset of some sort.

I’m not sure about the logic of battling bots exclusively after losing 2. Even the very best will lose 2 in a row every now and then.

I suppose I’m about to experience the bot troubles now. Just hit 3500trophies.


unfortumately you might have to win the bot to make it go away. Then do the tactic above of trying again at later times if it takes to long on your win streaks.


I’m stuck in a bot rut right now as I type. Had two fun but lost battles and now I’m stuck fighting bots 7-9 levels higher than me until I get a particularly stupid one. All I want is the blasted incubators.

It’s a good thing I’m not competitive pr the 200+ trophies I’ve lost so far would bother me.


Holy snap, im always suprised how much people pay for a free to play game. At this rate its even much more expensive then simply buying a game. I guess its part of being addictive? Im almost lvl 10 and so far i have put 7 euros in the game and only bought two lvl up offers (one for dollars). Offers for 20 euros and up are simply a no go for me. I love this game and still believe that it will only get better. And when it does i am concidering future donations, but never those bigger amounts.


Same problem here. I’m battling for Incubators and it’s not worth it to me to lose 5 battles against bots before I can win one. Had made it past 3700 trophies and now back down to 3500. Takes forever to earn an incubator. :confused:


It’s not fun getting bots 8 - 3 levels higher.

Only way to get out of a bot run is win. For those who don’t know, once you loose 2 in a row you face bots until you win again.


It’s frustrating when I open incubators then want to get a few arena 7 ones in the slots, only to loose a couple hundred trophies then when I finally win it’s an arena 6 incubator


Finally I arrived in the hell of bots. :heart_eyes:
0 Euro invested.