Bots in PVP

I think something needs to be done with the power of bots in pvp. I realize why there are bots, and I’m not too concerned with the random character picks, or fighting higher level bots. the win or lose in pvp comes down to random on the character selection. I understand why this was done and it’s fine. win some lose some, no big deal.

I think the biggest problem is the gear and the level it’s at. at level 11/12 all the bots have the legendary weapons and most of their other gear is legendary as well, if it’s other gear it’s very leveled up.

When I was climbing to the highest arena, I noticed that the gear abilities the bots had were far above mine. I lost against lower leveled characters and only because their gear was better than mine. the difference between a level 5 and a level 7 character is negligible, but when that gear is 4-5 levels higher it’s a huge deal. The cleric I fight at level 12 (I’m level 12 too) has leveled up legendary gear in most slots, or epic gear that’s at level 5+. this is a far cry from my cleric at the same level (one legendary, all epics level 3/4)

Now does this mean that you have underestimated how much gear we have at certain levels or have you given the bots higher leveled gear on purpose? either way I am way under geared compared to the bots at the same level. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s the root of the problem most people are having with the arena.

please have this looked at and fixed

The win/loss ratios seem wonky in PvP, and this would contribute to what we’re seeing. Gearing is likely key, agree, but it’s all up to RNG if you get the cards you need to upgrade or not. And after you get the Rare cards, you keep getting lots of commons that you’re effectively ignoring or throwing away.

A PvP player should be seeing about a 2/3 win/loss ratio to keep them interested and feeling like they’re making progress. The fact that most players are likely only playing to collect their 4 chests will help limit the number of people playing at one time. No need to go PvP if I have all my chest slots filled.

In the earlier days I was trying to reach the highest tier in arena but soon gave up as I was winning 1 in 5 battles frustrated the hell out me so I recouped now with new plan just to avoid being angry so now I compete in PvP to fill all slots with chest than wait until all chest are open before I enter arena atm it every second day I enter arena.

Want to add: bots can skip turn. But I’m not. Its unfair

Let’s be honest, Ludia has given up on this game. People have been complaining about PvP for months now, how it’s unfair and completely unbalanced. How we got any answers from anyone about their plans for it? I myself haven’t seen anything. I haven’t seen them replying to any posts except refund ones.

I admit communication isn’t the strong suit of Ludia, but they do listen. The last big update contained some changes which were reported on this forum (battle roster, for example)