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Bots in the tournament...fair?

more and more im reading players encountering bots during this tournament. i dont see how its at all fair. its meant to be a tournament of player vs player. encountering a bot is a death wish most the time and i dont see how its a fair tournament with them included.
any thoughts?

I think it’s only when you can’t find an opponent. I haven’t seen a bot for a while and sometimes it takes 5 minutes (or more) for me to find an opponent. I wish I would get some bots once in a while so I can battle more than 5 times an hour.

I’m 4250 and I see bots all day long! It’s not just a timer issue it’s like we aren’t playing against other players at all this tourney

It’s to feed trophies back to players… they steal so many with each reset that the only way to keep large gaps in the player base from appearing (trophy wise) is to put more pies into the player base with bots. Otherwise… 4-5 seasons from now… there would be no trophies left

They keep auto flagging my posts. Not sure why. The reset removes a large quantity of trophies from the player base. New players joining the game don’t bring trophies with them… bots are given free trophies. They use bots to bring trophies back into the game bc if they continue resetting trophies… eventually there Will be no trophies come season 5,6,7 etc

This is why we see so many bots. It is necessary as a source of available trophies.

i wonder if that shows how many players were cheaters and now theyre gone.

I am around 48xx and have not encountered a single bot in this tourney. Usually matches for me occur within 5-15 secs. If not, I cancel and retry.

You might be encountering bots mostly after loosing 2-3 matches continuously. If you loose 2 continuous matches, just close the app and restart. That saves me bot encounter.

Actually when new players join the game they do two tutorial battles and make 60 trophies from fighting bots. And in the lower arenas when somebody loses they might lose 20 but their enemy gains 30, like in clash royale.

I havent fought a bot during this tourney. Some times I can’t get a battle for 15 or 20 minutes. When I finally do it’s someone 20 spots higher than me.

That’s not going to be enough to filter up to the top players, and even with that model, you wont have enough new players joining to sustain or replace what was lost

Lol there isn’t a limited supply of trophies each player has an individual tally. The trophies don’t run out lmfao