Bots in this game?


Hello dear community and supporters,

is it possible that here in the game also bots work?
I often have against those who persevere to the last second and obviously also do not act wisely and change a dino almost down out.

this would of course also be a kind of cheating and should be checked and punished as a matter of urgency?!

best regards Oliver

last name of one obviously : juuzousakuyaza


Slow playing can just be mobile data sometimes. I played a game on a park bench today and the thing was so slow I got some default moves having run out of time.

As for stupid play. Some people play to lose. Some fat finger the wrong thing. Make mistakes unintentionally. Rage quit. Restart game because their screen crashed etc. Play slow because the opponent got stun or crit and revenge is all you got. Etc.

Not like spoofing. Banning the loser, really?


Yes, there are some bots in the game that don’t belong. Actually, since the update Ludia is not using bots (correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve not faced any and I’m close to Arena 8). However, I have recently encountered two bots that used two of the same dinos in a row - once einiasuchus and earlier today gorgosuchus. The dino levels were close to my own’s so I didn’t suspect anything until the second one showed up.

The bot today had one of Ludia’s lovely bot names (COMbullneck) and I tried to take a screenshot but it didn’t work (new phone… sorry). When I looked at my list of recent opponents, it wasn’t there - just like the previous bot.

I wonder if infiltrating the game with illegal bots is hackers’ revenge?

Ludia, please investigate.


I had the same today with a bot named ‘Halsspy’ with two gorgosuchus, and made me lose 48 trophies in one fight.


I’m beginning to get the impression that these “lower level”, duplicate dinosaur-wielding bots were the solution to encountering level 30 bots in Sorna Marshes. If it was truly hacking/cheating, I think Ludia would have addressed the issue in clear terms. That’s just my opinion, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

Regardless, it’s all about the strategy now–perhaps more than ever.


You may be right, especially since they have Ludia bot names. But why use duplicate dinos when there are so many to choose from?

Just in case it’s cheaters, though, this should make Ludia aware of the problem (they monitor their forum, of course :wink:).