Bots lvl 30!


Come on Ludia, one thing was fighting bots lvl 23-24, but lvl 30 really? That is so unfair, it’s literally impossible for anybody to be even close to that level with the requirements that we have for upgrades… again I don’t mind the bots, but please just make it more even.

Look at the screenshots

Same here . I pray for any real player . All I get are bots lvl 27-29


I knew JW only uses bots in tournaments, but had my doubts with this game. But, really, it’s all just bots as well?


Some are bots aome are real players but in battles at 3300+ points I get bots in 80%


If you want to avoid Bots just don’t let your searching for opponent go longer then 24 seconds, cancel the request and reclick it. If your search hits 30 seconds you get a Bot.

Hope this info helps.


Good to know for future battles.


I know that I can do the wait thing, but in the last arena it takes a long long time before finding anybody, and it’s the same after 3300 trophies most that I get are those crazy bots, and if you don’t think they are bots, look at the leaderboards even the guys in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place don’t have dinos at those levels, and one of them is already player level 20 which is the highest you can go.


Lol I’m in the top 10 trust me I know all about it. I have held up to rank 3 multiple times and have screen shots to prove it.


Oh hey yeah :slight_smile: I’ve seen your team before, I’m always checking the top 20 to see how they made it all the way there, I been sitting in between 40-80 for the last week, but well I’m just trying to make the battles more fair, because this game is becoming a new Jurassic world the game as far as difficulty and much faster, I can only imagine what they are going to do here soon-ish in the future


So how does a Level 12 player with puny dinos become Number 1? This seems a little odd.


Imagine being Obitouchiha rank 1 and losing points to OP bots… That’s so wrong



Yes, seems odd, guessing he’s really good knowing what he does and lucky




So at least we can imagine that Lv. 30 is the official max Level right now.


Why do you think it’s a bot? Am not trying to be awkward or sarcastic, am just curious how you know if it’s a person or not :grin:


All Dinos same level, bit of a give away. Name probably matched bot conventions as well.


Yes they are bots, when you get to the last arena that’s pretty much what you fight most of the day, look at the leaderboards and people that are in the top 10 are crazy high level, but not even them have level 30 dinos


Take a look at top 100 players, you’ll find there’s no one got lv28~30 squad.
Also, highest players usually got legend creatures, along with several unique ones.
But these lv28~30 account always take common ~ epic dinos.