Bots - Recurrence of The Annoying Seasonal Pattern

At the start of each season the Bots I face are impossible; I am constantly facing fully loaded level 20 bots without reprieve, regardless of my league or current streak. For instance, I am currently in league 2, had a one win streak, and was matched against impossible level 20 bots. I could not damage them and my heroes were killed after two attacks. This match-up defies logic and is completely unenjoyable.

However, as per previous seasons, I anticipate this pattern will abate and the bots will become practical. I have to question why the developers do this to some players? It leaves me with little chance to progress for the 1st few weeks of each season.

If this continues for a more seasons I am certain at some point I will quit instead of waiting for the bots to relent.

As the developers can no longer reasonably argue PvP is a recent addition, there is no excuse for such Gordion Knots. This should have been resolved by now.

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Ludia couldn’t balance the x’s and o’s for a simple tic tac toe game. Thats the buffs the bots I face have.


Norm_Manhardt, I know how you feel. I used to share your experience. A few months ago, via experimentation, I discovered I needed stop increasing my hero levels to make the game playable again. Eventually, with periodic exception, the bots became more reasonable and the difficulty of the challenges abated. It was nice to face only 4 Mind Flayers in a Heartcoil Deeps rooms as opposed to 12.

The punishing difficulty increases are senseless as they only serve to punish some dedicated players while driving many away from the app. Oddly, I found the folks at Ludia reluctant to acknowledge this issue and surprised they will not correct it. It would certainly enjoy leveling my heroes and items again. Had they resolved this issue I am certain many frustrated players may not have abandoned the app.

Lol my post didn’t meet their approval

Norm_Manhardt can you tell me how to contact them (Google)? I tried months ago but I don’t know how and the refund was past the acceptable window so I can’t use the auto-refund request.