Bought “one time offer” but did not receive items


Hi there, i recently leveled up and decided to purchase the “one time offer”… the purchase went through successfully but I have not received any of my items… yet the 49.99$ dollars has left my account… :rage: already submitted a support contact but this is outrageous… not only is everything overpriced, when we do splash the cash, they dont deliver how it is supposed to… wow, much to improve here guys.


Was that for level 9??


Nah, 13… :confused: you had this problem as well?


I just had the same problem, just bought the $19.99 money case, and the money was taken out and it says pending on the store


Same here :confused:


Same, took money and didn’t get anything?!?!?!?


Go through Google pay.


@Dragonspire1976 mine was through apple store though, would it be the same? And in my case it wasnt a regular pack, it was the one time offer… so i would really like the items included in that as its incredibly difficult to level up lol


Still have not received a reply from support, anybody have an idea of the wait time for a reply lately?


I’ve had the same issue. Got the 19.99 case of cash, never received the money. That was 3 days ago. Then I noticed that they took another 19.99 from my bank account and I never bought anything cause I’m still waiting for the 2600 cash. I’ve tried everything by emailing Ludia and got no where. How do you submit to Tapjoy? They keep sending me an automated email with that link. No where in the game is there “3 horizontal dots” to submit a claim with tapjoy. I realize it’s still a fairly new game and there will be “bugs” but not this bad. Please help, I’m down 40 ($20 unautherized) and have nothing to show for it.


@Billy_Bunting great… 3 days and no answer so far…


Plus I dont know how to submit a claim with tapjoy. I’ve tried everything by looking online and in this forum. I’ve sent 4 emails to Ludia but it’s an automated email with a list of FAQ links.


Yes i sent a couple of emails as well and only get those automated responses :frowning: im not sure how to contact tapjoy either… im gonna try to contact ludia by phone (if thats even possible?) because its very frustrating putting hard earned money into this and not even getting what we paid for…



Toll free:1-800-442-1531


Look on I just posted the numbers here but it got “hidden” until approved by admin


Same here. :frowning:


Thanks mate! Gonna give it a shot


No luck! It was an automated message over phone as well, which said that no calls about their games will be ackownledged over phone and it proceeded to say that they will only respond through email… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
With all the money people are spending with this game they should be able to hire more staff at a support center to reply to all the emails and avoid such a high wait time… incredible…


@John can you tell us something about this? It’s very frustrating spending time and money to get dinos and level up and then having my money taken without giving the items from the “one time offer”… :pensive::pensive:


I bought the one time offer for £19.99 got nothing :rage: I certainly won’t be purchasing anything else and now want to cancel my subscription but can’t find out how to? Any advice would be welcome. :blush: