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Bought showcase pack, got last weeks showcase


Account: TRekttt #1237
After the showcase switched I bought a pack as it advertised blue, indoraptor so on and got last weeks dinosaurs is there anyway to fix this as I didn’t want last weeks dinos?

Thanks Scott


Same happened to me… @John any way we can get the correct showcase pack??? :frowning:
Very disappointing…


Hoping they fix this soon. I didn’t even want last weeks packs.


Neither did I… so frustrating mate… they have enough time to get the coding right so mistakes like these dont happen… and they dont answer their support emails so it becomes difficult to trust them :frowning:


Just had a little update in the game probably fixed it but we will still be left behind


And what do we do now that we already spent the cash? :fearful::sweat_smile:


wait for a reply I guess


Ughhh the same happened to me today also! Can someone please help!!! Thank you!!:+1:


This happened to me as well, I bought a pack and got last week’s, after a small update I thought it was fixed. I once again got last week’s pack. :frowning:


The same to me… give to us the true box for free or return the money


Just the same happened to me… i tried three times… got the old box three times. Is there any way i could get the other box instead? Does anyone know how i can contact the staff around here?


Same here.
I sent a mail to Ludia support team for this bug, and got attached reply.


if support reads this here is a video a guy made with the exact thing that happened to me too :angry:


@Mihara exactly the same thing that happened to me…


@Mihara This is the same as what just happened to me 2 hours ago.:joy:


Hey guys, apparently they fixed it now… but most likely we wont get our correct items or money back from the pack they wrongly sold just a couple of hours ago…


I don’t know why but it seems that the video had been deleted.
And here’s a new one from the same user,
From the beginning until 1:04 is bug (wrong show case content) part.