Bought the Indoraptor showcase and shows 7 DNA cards, but bugged


I bought the new indoraptor incubator, luckily I got 7 DNA groups and was so happy (since it means the last one would be indoraptor!)
BUT the game hanged at the last one and when I restarted the app, I didn’t have any indoraptor DNA at all, is it because the dino is not in game yet? If so this is such a scam! Is there any way I can get back the indoraptor dna that was supposedly mine?


I’m sorry that you’ve experienced this; I understand it can be frustrating, but our team would be more than happy to help. Please contact them at and be sure to provide your Support Key so that we can take a closer look at your account and figure out what happened.


Same happened too me


Assuming you got everything else in the showcase like me too? (the other 6 dinoes and blue was the 2nd last card?)


i didnt get any blue DNA instead i got the baryonyx and stygimoloch as the epic DNA, and after those two the blank showed up. it also indicated in start i had 7 different DNA, so the last one got lost, which prob was the indoraptor :confused:


And you don’t have any blue DNA in your inventory? Just asking to confirm that it wasn’t a third epic showing up that hanged the game


yeah i checked that too, cause at first i also thought it was just Blue DNA - but nope i dont have any of it


Okay, well write to support too and hopefully they fix this and compensate us for it somehow…


yeah i just wrote too them, but it will prob be more then a week before we get an answer. too bad :confused:


As long as we get compensations that is justifiable with the amount of waiting time, then it would be alright I guess.


Same thing happened to me to, on the third showcase incubator I bought. Would be much appreciated if this would be rectified; thanks!


Where are we supposed to find the mentioned support key needed when we contact support?


When starting the game, under version 1.22 on your lading screen ice


Okay, thanks for the answer!


The same thing happened to me during my second incubator.
And i dont know how to make a support ticket about it so…

(Support ticket sent) thnks for the good work on the game!


Send a support ticket? What a joke. Still waiting for a reply on the support ticket i sent almost two weeks ago now with no reply.

This is all you’ll ever see:


Ludia is just soaking up as much money as possible before they move onto the next fad mobile game.

I suggest going to the iTunes or Google play store and requesting a refund.

The only way ludia will begin helping players is if we start affecting their income due to negligence.


This happened to me to but i didnt get anything. And it was gone from the store right after too


Send in a support ticket, mine was replied with them saying I would receive the DNA in my in game mailbox tomorrow


This is just a joke, the support from ludia is just blaa… and like you guys say, looks like a game to get some fast cash to move on and do the same with a new game, still waiting for a reply from the support but nothing, probly will have a better chance to get refund s from google than get a 2221 from ludi3a support, sad that this would ruin the game experience it had a great idea…