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Bought VIP and didn’t get TREX

I bought for the first time the VIP for one month on my account and then my son’s account. I received the free trex but my son’s iPad glitched and closed the game after buying and he did not receive the trex. I posted an in gAme support ticket and also emAiled with his account info. Are we just out of luck or can this be remedied?

If you emailed support they will respond, it takes 4-6 days for a response sometimes. Do not resubmit a ticket as it will just reset your place in line. Ludia is pretty good about fixing any mistakes it just takes time. Any screenshots you can have ready will also be helpful to the support agents. After a few days say four, reach out to @Ned on the forums here to see if anything on his end can be done. But wait the four days before doing so.


Thanks man. I appreciate the response.

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