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Bought VIP now game insta-crashes

Hello I have played this game on and off for a few years now, yesterday I decided to reinstate my VIP. From the moment the payment accepted my game crashed, and will continually crash every single time it loads the park. I have updated to newest iOS, I have deleted and redownloaded the app multiple times, phone off and back on, closed all other apps turned off background app refresh, used WiFi used 4g/3g. I don’t think there are any more options on my end I can change… I have nearly 40gb of space on iPhone 11pro max so it shouldn’t be a performance problem it seems like there may be a screen to do with vip that tries to load and kills the game. Anybody dealt with this before? I’m level 78 I haven’t lost my account but right now I can’t play the game and it’s really frustrating that I’ve been unable to play from the moment I spend money… any help would be appreciated or even similar experience!

Note- already emailed ludia


Make sure to send them your support key and have patience You will get your account back.

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Same problem, its been happening for 2 weeks always crashes and I cant play . I dont know when there going to fix it