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Bow to me (Creature file #224)

Deinosuchus lives in the same period like Kaprosuchus is


Idk why they put the creatures in wrong type SO FAR

Not sure


But Jurassic Park Builder still always a legend to us!

It sure is. Even though some animals don’t do that in real life

Arthro was carboniferus(i have no idea how to spell that)

That’s true

I can draw them :wink:

If you need a recap of my art skills… MINMI’s Art Museum

It’s cool. Thank you for asking

I would’ve gone with Toxosmilus as that other name is too on the nose, plus I’m not fan of what Ludia had started with “Skoolasaurus”. Also fun fact: Toxodons were once thought of as being semi-aquatic; like we see in PP; but further examination showed that their heads were too low hanging for the animals to have its body be completely submerged while also being able to keep its head above surface level. So they would be more like a hornless rhinoceros instead of a hippo.

I’ll change it right now

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Toxodon is rare yet only has 2 attacks.
What should I do?
P.S. I prefer it common.

Oh, shoot. I’ll go change it

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All done


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I don’t like the image I had to use but it was the only one like it : (

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Could work well with the brontotherium

I tried but it’s not very well.

Okay. I see then

MEGATHERIUM i see that in an encyclopedia

Someone already answered it

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