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Bow to me (Creature file #224)

Yeah thats was actually needed cuz Oviraptor original model make by god was doesn’t fit in any animation of Jwa make by Ludia! But i think new Animation not a bad thing! U agree?

Yeah would be cool if allosaurids had their own rig, tho it’s the same here, at least they seperated mid spinos and mid theropods

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Yeah, I guess you’re right

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ByTheWay! I had made one thing that i think it would be looked good! Can you guys opinion?

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Where ludia realy was lazy tho was JPB like seriusly megalania and deinosuchus, cats and kapro, snakes and arthropluera, even ambelodon and the elephants with an actual trunk, all those things having the same rig was super lazy, huge improvment in JWTG and especialy in JWA

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And Kaprosuchus doesn’t live in a snow, same with Megalania


And arthro

And Gigantopithecus

Ok that one is kinda fine as the thing was suposed to represent cenezoics, wich are well known for the ice ages

Eeyup. Agree

Athropleura was live at permian and Kaprosuchus was at late Cretaceous!

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Deinosuchus lives in the same period like Kaprosuchus is


Idk why they put the creatures in wrong type SO FAR

Not sure


But Jurassic Park Builder still always a legend to us!

It sure is. Even though some animals don’t do that in real life

Arthro was carboniferus(i have no idea how to spell that)

That’s true

I can draw them :wink:

If you need a recap of my art skills… MINMI’s Art Museum

It’s cool. Thank you for asking