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Yes. As the title says.

This game became officialy “who has the most boosted Thor, wins”. This is not just a rant, this is the sad truth.
Everytime a boosted Thor appears, only Cloaks, Dodges and Prays can save me.
Don’t have a Magna (the one that people claims to makes Thor to cry - I personaly doubt it), few to none solutions avaliable.
Even tried to get a Sucho in my team to bleed it. Sometimes I succed, but mostly, the crit does the job before i can even scratch it…

Does anyone have solutions to stop deranking against this beast?
What about you, Lydia? Are you proud of your “creation”? Any solutions for the mess you made?

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There is no counter besides lucky evasion


if a big thor is critting, magna or any distracting dino will not save you


Boost the speed of faster creatures with first turn distraction if you can. Utasino and Rinex will do.

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I just had an interesting match , I won just because Proceratomimus dodged all 3 crits from Thor , otherwise it would kill all my team without any problem …

Try swap-in-bleed from any of the birds.
Will make around 2000 damage.

The rest you need to figure out.

Ludia need to ignore creature speed when thinking about balance.

I lost to a Thor earlier. Despite having my nice Rinex. Actually enjoy a good fight. It was close if I had my DC dealt would of won.

Probably small Thor around the 4900 trophies. Thanks for game if it was anyone here.

I have a solution for Thor. With 50% chance I beat any Thor with Diplosaurus (seeded up a bit only). You must be faster - this is possible because Displosaurus is faster from default. Than you must begging with distraction. Continue with attack boost. And if you will not stun you will kill Thor with third shot. And second creature will be faced with angry crocodile able to shutter shield and remove cloak, often killing on fist shot … The solution for boosted creature is to grow anti-creatures.

I decided to bark with the wolfs but a bit different - I “pumped up” Utasionraptor (at the moment in tier 5) and there is no theory and way that Thor win in 1:1 … and I am pumping her up even more.


Bleed works, so does distraction. that’s how I get past them. Purutaurus is a good counter cause it has the rending counter attack AND has distraction. Also naturally outapeeds it so any equally boosted matchup, Purutaurus wins

Speed boost should add +1 or 2 per tier so even boosted Thor cant outspeed raptors its a joke…

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