Bowling Green, KY just set a national weather record


Hey, we just recorded the nation’s highest heat index (combination of heat + humidity) a few minutes ago. 106°F, a little bit over 40°C, for our metric system using friends…

It’s hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum out here!


KY? Because for an English guy that sounds like something very different…


Ugh, god you guys must be really dying compared to us in NH. Then again, I could never handle extremes.


LOL I’m not British by birth. My friends over there made me an honorary Brit, and I do tend to speak with a slight accent.

I was born here in Bowling Green KY.


We never get THIS extreme here, even in August. Kentucky likes to think it’s a southern state, but it’s not. It’s north of the ol’ “Manson-Nixon” line. But rednecks will be rednecks. Stupid is as stupid does, and the only cure for stupidity (at present) seems to be the cleansing properties of flame.


Even the dino population is feeling the heat…

Just got back in from hiking the “game trails”, and it’s nothing but TONS of Paras and Euplos. I did see 2 large predators, which is rare for this time of day here: 1 Allo, and 1 Gorgo.


Yeah, I think even here they’re feeling it too. Not much has been spawning lately. Starting to think if it’s weather-based.


That’s okay if true. On dangerous days like today, Ludia doesn’t want players to get heatstroke while hunting. Useless spawns keep players indoors.


So true right now…




I’ll make you feel better. Tucson Arizona has a heat record of 125°F. If you ever wondered why Arizona doesnt do day light savings, this is why.