Boycott VIP Until Boost Reset

Ludia, It’s been quite obvious from all the posts about the latest update that you’ve riled up and angered a huge, PAYING fan base by turning the game upside down with your nerf to the entire class of resilient creatures, and introduction of so many new ones, without giving us an accompanying boost reset. WHY oh WHY do you do this to us?!?! We want to love all the cool new changes you bring but you need to keep it FAIR which means giving a boost reset when you change all the products we’ve invested so heavily in and paid REAL MONEY to achieve what amounts to extremely short lived success. Talk about a BAD ROI (Return on Investment)! Not to mention we have alliance members that have been unable to play since the update to to an unknown glitch :(.

If you respect us at all … DO THE RIGHT THING … give us a boost reset and do it fast please… I’ve seen the screenshots of players from all over the world canceling their VIP in protest… refusing to make any purchases until this wrong is made right.

Thank you for your time and attention, please make us, the paying fans, happy, so we think about opening our wallets in the future…


Is just a slap in the face for us to suck it up a huuuuge change like this without a boost refund/shuffle, this update looks promising but how can we the mayority of the customers or players enjoy this when we are not allowed to change our teams? How can we be ok when all our teams were affected by good or bad without our plantings on how we built our teams, Ludia made a bad move on this.
Me and 6 members in my guild cancel the vip and are not planing to buy bundles till we don’t see a change.


Boost reset!quick!


There are a number of games out there, with paying customers that when something gets nerfed. That they don’t give money back. They will reset the boosts when they want to.

Honestly, i say least it as it is, till we can figure out what the new meta is to begin with. Then we can actaully move the boosts around in a useful way, rather than just guessing what ‘might’ be good.

I canceled VIP last week when it was announced there wouldn’t be a boost reset via Gamepress


How can we know what’s good if we can’t use anything since we are all stuck with what already have…


Testing in skill tournaments and in friendly battles,.

Neither of which have boosts, so it is just testing the basic dinos against each other.

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You know is not the same boost dinos and unboosted right? The gameplay changes alot so that doesn’t make any sense


I fully support this thread. :muscle:t3:


Hey ludia if u can’t give boost reset then give all players 10,000 boost each damage, HP, speed.


What skill tournaments? The last one is a unique advantage, for god’s sake. Ludia changed the supposed to be unique skilled to advantage, with major changes in the game without a boost reset. Very very disappointed.

You’ll see huge boost sales this month. Good luck, Ludia.


Beside cancelling VIP you can rate their app 1* (or edit your rate of you’ve posted it before) and mark other 1* rates as useful


What specific dinos are you talking about that become bad?

Why have You invested all boosts in same basket?

Why haven’t You spread and saved boost for a more diversed team?

Ask yourself before shouting out…?!


I don’t know about other games, but a couple of days of boost shuffle, maybe even a week would allow everyone to try everything out and figure out what works. If they’re undecided they can go unboosted for a while to get a better feel of the meta or see what everyone else is doing. Unboosted friendlies and Skill tournaments are very different from the actual arena.
A boost shuffle would be an absolute win for the players one way or another.


I don’t understand why u have such a harsh stance on this. Its clear that people who pay for boosts, are doing for a clear competitive advantage and they is nothing wrong about that, and it most effective to put them on a strong team rather than spread across 30 or who knows how many dinos, and especially for the value of such boosts to lose value is annoying to many. That’s why it’s important understand these players concerns and accommodate a easening of conditions especially with a major changes to resilient moves and specific dinos game play. I’m saying all this as something who never has bought boosts but its important to understand others opinions especially when it comes to hard earned commodities


Is the way Ludia made money, they know what their are doing,boosts probems it gonna push evryone to change team, removing their boots and lost 50%…than peoples spend again more
But this time it not gonna work becoz many peoples canceled their Vip, uninstal game and move away


Moksha who said something about same basket? People pay money for their teams to be good! but if you invest all your boost in your pvp team and suddenly 3 or 4 creatures becoming useless that’s half of your team. I totally agree with boost reset, but first I would like to play again as I can’t for nearly 48h now !!!


What dinos are useless?

Are some dinos only good when they can take speed advantage?

Maby the meta finally is in balance now?

Sure. But the terms of condition about boosts have been cleared since day 1. It cost 50% to remove boosts, everyone know when they invest.

Everyone know that the game always change.

Now is the time for balance in the game and more dinos step it up. Time to work on other dinos.

Arena is terrible right now. A lot of players are still locked out of this chaos.

We invested time (money) in things we enjoyed using. We tweaked boosts, and debated different builds and utilities. We were confident in our choices - win or lose.
Then this week we look at what we invested in, and it’s all broken. It’s not working as intended. I don’t recognize most of my team anymore, because the utilities are no longer relevant. Or they don’t have that edge now. They don’t do what we built them to do!

Normally we get some new horrors thrown into the mix, and that requires more tweaking and a bit more planning.

Even a boost reset wouldn’t compensate a high percentage of players here.
How many have only invested in a handful of dinos? What do they do about that investment?
The outcry about Monolometrodon was crazy, and it was a needed nerf.
These changes are quite honestly absurd.

I am mourning the dinos that died this week. Dramatic, but true.