Brace yourself, I finally did it!

I finally found a Trex while driving with the bus. Unfortunately, the distance was very long and I only got 38 DNA. Then I had 87 Rex DNA and fused it for Indom (160/200). Waited for another 10 after so many other 10s. Then, it happened…
I‘m just so happy, sooo relieved that I finally had some luck.


Partytime, now I really am happy! Indom is one of my favourite dinosaurs and my first legendary! :smiley:
Wish I would‘ve filmed it but I honestly didn‘t expect the 50.

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Congrats! I felt the same when I unlocked mine! Mine is now lvl 18 and I have enough velo dna to get it upto 19 but need more TRex! Hoping to get some more during this weeks halloween theme.