Brace Yourselves, Indoraptor is coming

With the event next weekend plus the likelihood that we are going to have raptor and rex next week, there is going to be a huge influx of indoraptor in marshes and ruins. This should spice up the battle arena.


Doubtful when you will only get one chance to dart them…

I think a lot will have been created and levelled up thanks to the Halloween scents and strike events - all that Velo DNA sloshing around.

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How much DNA do you think can a person get from darting Indoraptor in one try?
I‘m lv 10, do I have a chance of getting at least 50 DNA from Indominus? Or is it even more harder to dart then an epic like Rexy?

Indoraptor is a pig to dart - think I got 17 the last time it was in an event; a bit more experienced and levelled up now but would still be estatic to get more than about 30.

I was lv7 when indoraptor came out and I managed to get 37 dna on it, so it is possible.

He was referring to the fact there’s a good likelihood that the event dinos in the week may include TRex and Velo, therefore lots of dna from those, plus the 1 chance for Indom and Indo. But we don’t know for sure yet what the event dinos are.

Ooops my bad teaches me to read things incorrectly :joy:

Is this all just speculation? Has information even leaked or is this just wishful thinking connecting it to the Halloween theme?

Not that I remember the first Indoraptor event, I must have been level 1 or 2 as I scored an impressive 6 DNA :man_facepalming: but now I and everyone else is much higher level. I’m sure it’s hard to dart but some people will hit triple figures on it this time round. Do we really think Ludia are going to give us another crack at it?

Yes it’s happening next week

Where are you getting this info from?

It’s on the official Facebook page

It is also on twitter

I’m hoping to dart an even number. I got exactly 20 from the last event and I really don’t want an 8 or 9 haunting me like I’ve seen for other people. :joy:


Guess last weeks the trick this week’s the treat!

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why was this flagged? I simply said ‘it moves kinda like Suchotator’ :joy:

Because you’re not allowed to speak in any languages other than English on the forum I believe.

That’s an insult to my English then as that’s all I post in. Maybe my English is too common for the forum to handle. :thinking:

Would thou speak in ye old English! The filter of the forum couldst not comprehend!