Brach strike event


Tfw the brachiosaurus does 2000 damage on you including your armor…

Guys, be very careful with this one. This is no ordinary tank. This opponent can literally one shot you if you are not careful. Its rampage is devastating. Use stegodues, stegoceratops, or high tank with stuns. You cannot slow it either.


Get that t-cell count up and use some immune Dinos … it’ll hopefully let you last for two attacks

(Cleansing works well too)


Yea I killed it! But only by a hair of my chinny chin chin


If my dinos are between levels 15 and 20, will I be able to win this event?


Hmm what type of dinos do you have? My lvl 18 stegoceratops took 3 hits before going down. But I manage to stun him twice so…


I used my lvl 18 monostego and beat him easily. He isnt hard as long as you actually pay attention


Use Ankylosaurus, cause it’s faster and has long protection. On lvl 15 can eat two Rampages (under 900 damage).
Used only Ankylo lvl 15 and Stegocera lvl 16. Stun party helped to make it easier, but had Stegodeus lvl 19 and lvl 15 Utahraptor as backup.


The brachio 2nd move is usually rampage right?


Yes, on his second move it did a rampage on me, and then a bellow. A bellow gives him shield and lowers your speed


I used tragodistis. Then killed it with dilo


I got killed coz he critted me twice. He saved with 75 HP -.-… cane be repeted after some hour or somethng like this?


I actually did it… I used 19 Velociraptor, then 14 Stegoceratops, then 19 Apatosaurus, then swapped out for 16 Amargie.

No Brach dna though! :neutral_face:


I used Trystronix first to whittle it down to a managable fight. :grinning:


Stegoceratops level 15, Stegodeus level 16 and Allosaurus level 17 were all it took for me