Brachio puzzle: first tournament prize & now on sale?

As per-topic above. Anybody know anything or has any intresting info? First its weird it come as a tourney prize. Now randomly for sale, suspiciously during halloween (its not scary creature)?? and even with beautiful wallpaper adds to promote?

…is there possibility of new Unique💕? want to buy if it is

She thought it was scary :grin:

And I’m with you, I think it’s going to be a legendary/unique ingredient too!

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I think it might be. But I’m scared to death to buy it in case they’re just throwing us off something else with it. They’re underhanded like that. I’m pretty set on it’s DNA anyway to at least create a legendary.

I’m right there with you… bring it on. I’d love a giant unique!

that’s no brachy…



Not worth it even if so

… I’m going to assume this isn’t correct. Though it doesn’t come up for me to collect it.

It’s $50.00

Might as well be $5000 for all I care. They should help out the epic and legendary longnecks that are already in the game before they start making hybrids out of them.

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True enough. They’re fairly slow but have massive health, decent armor. I know they can’t “have it all) but they all share such linear play styles that if you let your eyes glaze over you’d never be able to tell them apart from one another.