Brachiosaurus Epic Strike Tower

Easiest yet … L21 Spinotasuchus - Lethal Wound, Swoop to swap to L25 Stegodeus … Brachio dead without a single loss and Stego barely scratched. Really good DNA including Dilo, Sino and Bary :slight_smile:

Edit: Not looking forward to the Raptor Squad - got my backside gift wrapped and handed to me last time thanks to crits - hopefully my team is now a lot stronger.


Wow literally exactly what I did with same dinos at the same levels haha


The easiest strike tower yet, along with L30 rajakylo, got trex and darwinopterus.

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Damn forgot about bleeding. :grin:
Did it with Utasino lvl 19 that took half of its health,Tryostronix lvl 21 which got oneshotted by Rampage crit and lvl 22 Stegodeus who finished it.
Got Velo, Dracorex, Trex and Kentro DNA.

Not challenging at all.

Should be made much harder.

Looking forward to 4 L30s soon…:wink:

I’m gonna use my tyrannolophosaur! I just got him, hes pretty good!

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Yeah, but did you defeat her without receiving any damage?


Better have unique dna…

thats awesome!

Got the new epic bird from the incubator and a lot of spino gen 2 :unamused: hope that guy gets a hybrid sooner

Me too, but my guys were one level lower than yours

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