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Brachiosaurus Gen2

Brachiosaurus Gen2 is a common with similar stats to apatosaurus that is based on the JP3 Brachiosaurus


Why is brachi gen 2 a common?

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Maybe like a rare or something

That is way to many resistances for one common

ok I will change it

I made him a common because we already have 4 rare sauropods

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I know that but like if it’s a gen 2 it’s usually a rarity higher or below the gen1 like indo unique and indo gen2 legendary

Yeah, uhm, Ankylosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Stygimoloch and Allosaurus say otherwise.


Needs a buff in health and attack. Sauropods are known to have huge HP. Somewhere between 4800-5500 would do. Right now it has less HP than everything but Velociraptor.
It’s attack is awful, Dimorphodon, which is the creature with the less attack being 500 has more. Give it 900 or something close to that. 10% armor works better.

Nerf its resistances, it’s a common, it shouldn’t have so many and a lot of them not even the Gen 1 has.

Its at level 1

yes its supposed to be a rare dinosaur

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