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Brachiosaurus mega tournament

Welcome to … Brachiosaurus mega tournament ! I feel that this is the most important tournament of the year! Not because of the ferocity of this creature , but because of its sentimental value . That is why I call it mega tournament. It’s not just another new creature unlock . Brachiosaurus was the top 1 most wanted dinosaur since all the other dinosaurs of Jurassic Park / World movies were added to the game. Let’s be honest, every time we saw a herbivore footprint at news , we all hoped for it to be Brachiosaurus :laughing: .

Good luck to all !


I won’t start till I know if the bug is still there or fixed…

“Connection to game server lost” … Now tell me what do I do Ludia???

It’s fine.

I’m gutted I won’t get this. My lineup is not strong enough to make Dominator.

@Dino_Rex this is why I will not even try to get Dominator for this tournament. I cannot afford it if I spend my energy and in-game cash all day to slip into Dominator,and if on the last day the game doesn’t let me in. I will just wait for this thing to get it’s Clash of Titans. I am done focusing more on this game than my studies xD but seriously though, my team is not strong enough for Dominator.


Ya you are correct. Why don’t they fix this thing?
Im really serious now! Why do they don’t do it? My internet connection is very good, was waiting for this tournament but at the last moment…- Bang !!! “Connection to game server lost” “Please check your connection” .

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Happened to me on many many occasions. My busy schedule of the day usually ends just an hour before the new events start, and most of the time I have other things to do which lasts uptill 1 hour after the the new events. Whenever I free up time, the game will not load. When I am busy, it loads perfectly even if the WiFi is weak. I really MISS Jurassic Park Builder…


I’m really sick of this


dont worry guys the tournament keeps progress


Don’t worry it saves your trophies


I am sick of having to pray for the loading screen and for a no-error screen Everytime my break time starts.

Best of luck everyone! I wish you all a stable internet connection, and a free Brachiosaurus in the prize wheel, whether you finish in Dominator or not.

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The bug is still there,but Ludia has separate methods to calculate for tourneys which lets us play the tournament carefree

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My scores

I somehow got ten minutes free time, but surely the game is allowing me in? You guessed it - NO… I will just have to spend 9 minutes loading the game, and every single time, it loads on the 10th minute and my break is over.

I don’t know maybe it’s just my internet connection but I’ve very rarely got disconnected mid-game…

Brachiosaurus has a new animation too. Why bad stats tho…has to be better than Tupuxuara at least…

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Surely you have free time over the weekend?

Right now in his situation I would go listen to “In The End” by Linkin Park lol.

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Currently only have 2 teams I’m pretty comfident can finish in Dominator…3 lvl 10 VIPs and 2 I rex gen 2 and a lvl 20 Tapejalosaurus. Got 6 Alangasauruses…gotta pray I face some herbivores.