Brachiosaurus Question


Although Brachi doesn’t spawn during the day, he does however nest at petrol stations(Gas). Does this mean I can get him during the day at the nesting spot or only at night, dawn and dusk still?


You can see him anytime at gas stations if lucky other than that just at night, dawn, dusk


Thanks :slight_smile: i’ll go checking all of them in my town.


Happy hunting but dont expect too much, hope you are lucky


I managed to tag Brachi here at night, 3 spawns close together (I must have found a herd).

Not anywhere near a gas station, either. These spawned in a residential area.


I also found a Brachiosaurus in a residential area at night. Maybe it was munching on the rose bushes.

As for the nest spawns. I find it humorous that the pterasaurs nest near travel agencies, considering that contrary to the commonly held belief, pterasaurs couldn’t carry much extra weight.


I’ve seen the pterosaurs nesting anywhere they like here. In front of restaurants, insurance companies, shopping centers, residential areas…

No travel agencies in my part of town, so i can’t confirm your theory.


I haven’t confirmed it either, just going by what Metahub states in their spawn article.


Happy that Brachi is out and available, but I really wish it didn’t cut Barry’s spawn rate. Barry is much more valuable, at least to me.

Now when I need Barry, she shares the same spawn chance with Brachi so its a toss up which will spawn.


I know what you mean. Right before Brachi got released into the wild, Barys were starting to pop up all over at night. Now it’s hard to get DNA for levelling up Bowie.


Hahaha … all those people with fancy electric cars got screwed!!



Is this a derailment, or is Tesla going out of business? Oh, you meant the thing about the thing about the petrol stations… Half-asleep here, didn’t make the connection quick enough.


Do those lists actually work? How do they hang about gas stations and stuff to find out :sweat_smile:


Actually, just today both a Einiosaurus and a Triceratops spawned near my local petrol station and both are listed as having nest spawns at gas stations, so there seems to be some truth to the lists.


Umm…It’s a joke lol

their cars are obviously technological and design marvels (sure, this is a subjective claim but whatever)

But it’s nice that those without electrics cars can get brachiosaurs as a consolation prize for not being able afford such luxuries

Fossil fuels … gas stations … digital brachiosaurs … circle of life
(There’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m tired :man_shrugging:t4:)


I was late in processing the info (My brain swaps its OS for Windows ME without warning sometimes). I got the joke. It took a while, in my half-asleep state, but I got there.


Windows ME!! :scream:

I remember that tragedy :ghost:

It did eventually give rise to something beautiful though …


Yep. Took almost an entire day to boot up, and when it did, it would automatically give you the BSoD upon running the first program…

XP was a definite improvement, but Vista was a HUGE step backwards.


7 was great, 8 was okay… for certain things. 10 is amazingly good, a blend of both 7 and 8!


Yeah I always see Deino and Erlik bus stations and Einio and Trice at petrol stations, so I can confirm that the list is accurate,