Brachiosaurus Shakedown

$70 for Brachiosaurus?! You’ve got to be kidding, Ludia! :rofl: I suppose a few people will pay it but they’re as crazy as you are.

£49.99 in the UK - just why? I wouldn’t pay £4.99 especially as I’ve darted 3 in the wild this week.

Interesting… because they sold these incubators that give you totally 1000 guaranteed Brachio DNA…

But they haven’t even send me the 1000 free Brachio DNA I deserve as top 100 rank in 2nd tournament.:rage:

I’ll definitely never buy this incubator, because it remind me some bad memory.:rage:

My Brachiosaurus DNA (500) was the first thing in the epic incubator I received, before even the coins if I recall correctly.

Lol, I haven’t receive any 2nd tournament reward.
No coin, no DNA, no cash.

And they haven’t reply my report for more than a week. Crazy.

That sucks - I am sure you will get it eventually; I always get the impression support are bogged down in Sorna Marshes …