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Brachiosaurus (!?!) STE Tournament 26-29 June

Sweet glory hallelujah it looks like it’s finally happening!

Even the possibility was enough to get me out of my forum retirement to risk creating this thread. Everybody cross your fingers and hope and pray!

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Definitely Brachiosaurus.

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Is it so easy to lure you back?


It’s a… it’s a Brachiosaurus…

(screencaps of my emotional state in the past thirty seconds. But we’ll see. We’ve all been disappointed so many times hoping for Brachiosaurus I don’t want to put money down. But please, please… I’d dump my current cargo and come back to Corellia for this payload!)


It makes me so excited to see you exited but I have to admit that I would not be able to differ a Brachiosaurus from an Argentinosaurus or an Apatosaurus.

Nevertheless I know that it is a favourite of many of us so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


I really really want this. Will this tournament be just as hard and this past weekends one?.

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turns out its diplodocus gen 2 just to tick everyone off


While one can never say, the threshold for new creatures is usually somewhere in the 1400-1500 trophies range. @Sionsith is our resident RNGesus prophet, so look for his predictions a day or two into the tournament for a better idea.

Play the game for fun. If anyone misses Dominator on this tournament, it will eventually come back around. You can never keep up with the game’s output of creatures unless you pay lots of real money (which is, admittedly, kind of the idea of a freemium game). No virtual dinosaur, Brachiosaurus or otherwise, is worth losing precious time with family or serving your community.


have to disagree, would rather win a triceratops from the pvp spin wheel than have a social interaction


I can smell Brachiogyrinus.

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So, you’re enjoying lock down and staying at home as much as I am?

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hell yeah my dude






doctor what


Some data on first run tournaments

Gigantophis (2/25/19) was just before we started tracking tournaments and was exactly 3 days

Lythronax (3/18/19) had rules and was exactly 3 days but required 1167 trophies

Mastodon (7/1/19) required Mods and 1109 trophies and lasted for 4 days, 4 hours

Suchodus (7/29/19) lasted for 3 days, 4 hours and required 1415 trophies.

Eucladoceros (12/23/19) lasted for 3 days, 4 hours and required 1354 trophies. It had been out in the wild for a bit before this tournament.

Dracorex (3/2/20) lasted for 3 days, 5 hours. The bottom of dominator league ranged from 1397-1682 trophies.

Plesiosuchus (4/20/20) lasted for three days, five hours and required 1500 trophies

So, we really have five comparable data points covering a wide range. At the absolute minimum, I would go for 1450 trophies and 1700+ would be much safer. It just depends on how much you think those top scores on Dracorex were outliers.

The above prediction assumes the upcoming tournament is in the three day range. If it is a four day plus tournament, aim higher, at least 1800 trophies. Assuming this tournament is indeed for the much in demand Brachiosaurus, this tournament MAY run even faster. We shall see.


I think you mean Mastodon not Mastadon?

This could be a week-long tournament like Mosa gen 2.

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Shut your mouth!

I’m not doing another week long tournament!

I should be able to put up 1800 by Saturday night.


It’s kind of bizzare really…that up to this point you haven’t seen the Brachiosaurus or the Brontosaurus…two of the most iconic dinosaurs I think most people would be familiar with. I am definitely stoked for this one.

Hurrah. Its a brachiosaurus. Can we use it to step on indoraptor?

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