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Brachiosaurus Strike event 🦕


Me and my boyfriend done the gold strike event a little while ago. My game kept glitching and would only allow me to use my minimal moves and would not let me choose which dinosaur to swap in so obviously I lost.
At the same time my boyfriend won the event (he got lucky it kept using bellow) and he ended up getting TWO incubators from it.

Not amused and thinking of divorce


That’s a shame, not sure you need a divorce for a boyfriend though.


I think you are wrong. That girl’s boyfriend clearly has no manners! I think she should divorce and take all his money at court. Oh and his dignity too!


I meant like… you don’t need a divorce if you’re not married :exploding_head:


Oh I see, well I still think that boy should learn to behave and not get two incubators while Keylun gets none!


her boyfriend be liketumblr_o2vg42vn2t1v5a60mo1_400


sounds like he’s dodging a bullet


Wow, she’s clearly joking