I have to be honest, the only reason I was interested in Jurassic World Alive is because I wanted my very own brachiosaurus. When it first came out and there was no mention, that was ok. I figured, maybe later. Later had come but it looks like they are only in Canada. Will they be coming to the US at some point? There’s just no way for me to get to Canada.



Yeah where is this brachi one of my faves and not seen it yet!


Some players had created Brachiosaurus from epic incubator DNA.
So I think this is only a pre-release event for Canadian players.
(Cuz Ludia is a Canada company lol :joy: )

Brachio might be global released in daily event or to the wild soon later. :thinking:


Cool I felt jipped when I got giraffititan in incubator and thought it was a brachi before checking it’s name lol. Who is this look alike duh woot!?!


Got some family in Toronto, hope my cousin enjoys her brachiosaurus. Going to Canada late August, pretty sure they will have migrated by then :joy:

Let’s all take a road trip eh :maple_leaf:


It’s good to be Canadian because she’s wonderful. I’m hoping there will be Brontosaurus in the future, too.


Giraffatitan was formerly known as Brachiosaurus brancai. It’s also what most Brachiosaurus toys, images etc. are based on. The JP one might actually be Giraffatitan, too.


lol… what? patience, i don’t think they’re expecting you to cross borders to play this game.