Brachy from a common scent capsule!



Actually that’s just your good luck regular spawn. Scented dinosaurs have that sparkly spiral thing around them like the one next to brachy.


Good eye! I totally missed that.

Sorry @Neodeadalus, i initially liked your original post but to do recent updates I had to remove the “like” as this brachiosaur was not attracted to your scent but rather just a coincidental occurrence and therefore means less. Best of luck in the future.


i got a brachy from a common too. with the spirally thing :+1: just a couple hours after i’d complained about epic scent capsules being a waste. lol


@Neodeadalus I gave @CleverBoy a “like” because he claims this brachiosaur was surrounded by the spirally scent thing and even though he did not provide evidence, he has repeatedly presented himself as possessing the utmost moral fiber and would not lie about such things. Please take note. He is a good role model for future brachiosaur-related endeavors.


Actually it did have the spawn swirl but my screen shot hit it as it stopped but believe what you want. I’ll try to take a better screen shot next time for your detailed review. But I was excited and wanted to shoot it before it despawned


I believe you. I choose to see the best in people and have no reason not to trust you. I’ve given you your original like back and will also like your previous post to show good faith. All the best!


it’s the internet… so much easier to make wild statements about your accomplishments with no proof whatsoever :wink: like i did, because people believe it. but seriously i did get one too.


Here’s mine. Seems she is pretty common.


Ive actually gotten multiple rares from common scents. It says they increase ALL spawns