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Bracket tournament warning for next weekend (now with brackets posted)

Any guesses as to how it will be bracketed?

It says Jurassic.

Update: picture of brackets!

From below: Amarga-, Shuno- and Supersaurus.

What is a bracketed tournament?

Most of the bracketed tournaments have featured three divisions divided as follows

new brackets

That said, the Edestus tournament was bracketed like so

We’ve also had two division tournaments, like so

Edit: We’ve also had bracketed tournaments where levels 12-49 received a single copy of the featured creature while levels 50+ unlocked the featured creature.


It’s a tournament where players are divided into divisions based on park level. Each division competes for a different prize. It can an be brutal if you are at the bottom of your division. The tournaments also start with much stronger opponents, but once you get high enough in the tournament, you almost always get 40 trophies per win.


i have know idea but it seems fishy

Not really.

What do you expect the difficulty to be for the middleweight division.

I have no idea. I never participated in a bracketed tournament in the lower divisions. No one has really enlightened the forum about the lower divisions, either.

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Okay,I will try,on my part atleast. Looks like they are now looking more into rules and bracketed tournaments. I do not think I can provide statistics,but if I can make it into dominator for the division I am in,I will try to provide data for the lowest and highest scores in dominator for lower divisions.

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We’d love to see some screenshots of matches as well as trophy reports of whatever league you find yourself in


Currently I have a screenshot of what I am facing.

Just kidding,I get you want screenshots of lower divisions

Tooooooooo hard

Try fighting a maxed Darwin, 11 Zalmono, and a 23 Eudimorph with a lvl 10 and 20 diplocroc and a 10 gorgosuchus

Keep in mind everyone, bracketed tournaments typically start out with tough opponents. The strength of the opponents stays more constant.


It was a bit easier than normal. I know this from the last bracketed tournament (Edestus, Styxosaur, and Onchopristis).

The Styxosaurus tournament wasn’t all that hard for me, considering it was my first time finishing in Dominator league.

Could you tell me which Jurassic creature had a Bracketed Tournament before?

@Andy_wan_kenobi I am having a doubt? Do I go for levelling up to level 40 just yet or not? I have come across the mission that demands me to have 100 Dinos,if I complete it,I will move to level 40,and out of the lightweight bracket,but I will not be able to provide statistics of dominator, because I am sure that in the lightweight bracket,I can reach dominator and provide any needed statistics for the same,however, in middleweight bracket, I will maybe make it high,but maybe not just Dominator. Is this going to be fine?

Middleweight bracket generally gives better dinosaurs. I’m sure there are other lightweight bracket players somewhere, it’s your decision.

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I would never advise against benefitting your game for the purpose of data collection. Based on my experience, you do not want to be at the bottom of your division in a bracketed tournament. That said, you might be able to compete in the middleweight division. I don’t know what it requires.

On the other hand, we don’t know any details about this tournament, such as how the brackets are going to breakdown and what creatures are available for each division. You might be at the cutoff or you might not. Unforunately, by the time this information is available, it may be too late to do anything about it. Just play your game the best you know how.