Bracketed surface tournament prep

Never played through aquatics or Cenozoic tournaments cause my lineup is pretty weak, but I really want to get this weeks mosa gen 2. I have no shortage of vip surface creatures and I’m willing to fuse them, just wondering what level of VIP creatures I need to be able to compete in Dominator?

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My lineup is a bit better than yours, but unfortunately I think that even mine’s not enough to get to dom consistently. Could be wrong tho.

Here’s some pics for reference. Perhaps fusing VIPs could be the key to victory, as you said.

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Yea I’m more banking on the fact I can fuse and level up enough to get a bunch of level 20vips or even 3 level 30s if thatd be enough to just keep cycling through

This surface only worries me too
I can easily manage normal bracketed aquatic due to class advantage
New challenge! Will be interesting🤪

Do some lvl 20 vip will be enough


One recomendation to all, hatch some Onchopristis LvL 1, You have some days to do this. Thank me later

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Mains are ready:

And the Fodders are ready:


Same here.


Oh, My, Lord, I’m not gonna win this, even with my best efforts, let’s see if Mosasaurus Gen 2 gets a C.o.T some day in the future

Just put around 180.000 DNA in Xinathodon. Looks like it will be my best investment in the tournament in addition to the VIPs i fused for Lvl 20. Hope the invesment will be useful. Had to start working on aquatics. Will work on Reef and Cave in the next weeks to balance the types again.

Used the Hatchery Discount to get some fodders


Has there been a tournament like this before? If so, how many cups were needed?

My analysis from the Weekly Schedule