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Bracketed Tournaments(Discussion)

What does everybody think so far of bracketed tournaments, I am personally not a huge fan of them,cause i will miss the super rare twins i used to get for free. In the new account,it would have helped a lot. Hopefully if this trend continues,it will be easier to reach the dominator of the lower levels,hence still giving a good reward,because if there are people who have purchased a lot of stuff,sitting around in the lower leagues,it will be very hard. A few questions to you guys:-

Do you think the bracketed tournaments will continue?

What kind of stuff do you expect to face off with in the lower brackets?

Is this a plus or not?( because many people in early stages will miss out on stuff like the super rare twins packs.

Since lower level parks haven’t unlocked Ceno or Aqua stuff, that is the only way to really have either as a tournament without directly excluding lower parks.

I’m a newer player who has just become Dom competitive in Jurassic. So, I stink at the other 2. But it really is the only way for the other two to work as events.


Bracketed tournaments usually only happen about once every quarter, so they come and go. Once you get a handle on how to play them, and have good enough creatures to use on them, I think they’re rather enjoyable. You can rack up a high score with much less effort than a traditional tournament. I’ve never seen much comment from players in the lower divisions, but presumably those players do enjoy their respective prizes.

From my own experience, I had just moved up into the top bracket the first time I participated in a bracketed tournament (Antarctopelta, 9/17/18). Naturally, I got creamed. By the time the next one rolled around, I was able to compete and win (Yutyrannus, 12/24/18). There was an adjustment learning to start with higher level creatures.


Well I have aqua stuff and am at the level for it