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Bracketed Velciraptor/ Raptor SDNA Tournament 6/18/21 - 6/21/21

Teaser for the tournament

If your lower than lvl 40 you get a velociraptor if your higher you get raptor SDNA


Don’t really like it


What kind of a meaningless tourney is this? :no_mouth:

Getting a Velociraptor? S-DNA?

Unless they give us a mountain pile of Velo-S, then it is a free weekend for me.

Edit: Thinking again, having an Indoraptor for me is a far target even not appearing on the horizon. So what would ever change if I have more onto my stash of 30k, sitting on my resouce bank getting dusty? Thus, a mountain would not be an incentive detail for me either.


I usually do all the tournaments, but I’m really thinking about skipping this one (probably not, but we’ll see).


Yeah me too, first time seeing such a thing.

Doing moddeds all weekend seems to be a much useful idea to me.

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I believe they had the same tournament last year right after the Irex gen 2 tournament.

Edit: just checked, yes, but it was level 50+ back then.


Oh let me search for it then. I thought it was a first for the game. Thanks for spotting it out. :+1:

Edit: Found it. Here are the both links that could be helpful with all the details in them.


Cries in not pachyrhino.


I’m not going to participate in this tournament because I have like 13000 to 14000 velociraptor dna.


I feel like I only doing this for the boss missions Xd


Maybe a raptor gen 2 unlock!!

From last year


This is amazing news!! Since many early and mid-game players absolutely need more than one level 10+ Indoraptors and end-game players like Sionsith certainly doesn’t have enough number of Indoraptors, this event will be extremely benefical to all kind of players!!! And Velociraptor super DNA is incredibly hard to find too!!! It’s definitely not like that it is glued to the missions list for ages and they refuse to change it. Good job Ludia! That was an amazing decision! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I need more raptor sdna, always more, indoraptor is unbeatable, since there is no really good amphibian it the most op creature we got

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But I would have preferred a paras gen 2 tournament

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What is the reward like? How much and what kind of sDNA do you usually get?

Last year his tournament was not too far after the SDNA tournament so hopefully he will pop up soon.

Pachyrhino hasn’t had an unlock in over a year.

Edit no CoT and last tournament was 17-Feb-20


I for one like this Tournament, it would get me closer to my eighth copy of Indoraptor Gen 2 and would definitely compensate for the amount of S-DNA that I missed out on during the past three weeks of not doing any events.

I’ve really wished for a Para Gen2 too but barely agree with you on the Indoraptor part. Please don’t get me wrong, you have some really solid reasons for saying like that. But as we all know, IRs are the endgame creatures. Those stashes will be useful someday, but when that day comes we will all be having more than enough S-DNAs to unlock those beauties and to have them in numbers, since they are raining like downpours as we used to get them as a reward with every single mission we complete in the game.

So occupying a weekend with a Velo-S event is not only unnecessary, but also not knowing their player base. I strongly believe that the most of it is including starters and midgamers, by leaving the endgamers as the minority. So we can only consider this event as a good one from an endgamer’s aspect. :man_shrugging:t2:

And this is, a midgamer’s aspect. :v:

Since I can complete the tourneys recently by a single run, Friday seems to be the only day I participate in this one. Adding this as an extra note.