*BRAINSTORM* New Incubator Strikes


Was thinking of how Ludia may be able to mix up incubator strikes in the future. Maybe you could restrict the teams somehow? Would force players to experiment with different teams/combos/dinosaurs.

Example: Your team can only include pterosaurs, or only include dinosaurs with superiority strike, or at level 15 or lower?


I think we need a second team for strike event. How much work needed when a mix strike event back. We need to swap a diferent dino to counter each strike :open_mouth::open_mouth:


seems like a good idea for rare and epic incubators, yet restriction is bad for new players and disadvantage for them if the dinosaur required are spawning in another habitat zone.


No strike events work just fine the way they are imho. Don’t need to be harder got arena for that


More epic strike events, or tiered epic payout, is all I want to see from strike events.
I imagine what you’re suggesting would require them to actually establish a fully flushed out attribute system… Only to through break all other game mechanics


I always feel like those strike events are a waste of time. It takes me around 30 mins on my way back from work to collect all those “free” incubators. And what really is the fun to have a battle you cannot lose even if you tried? I’m grateful for receiving free dna and coins. But either they give them for free or they let us earn them truly like they do in those epic strike events, which are really fun. Those again might be too hard for low level players so they should try to find a way to make those events equally hard for everyone.

My suggestion would be to let people choose the level of dinos they wanna face. After telling you in advance what dinos you are facing. The higher the level, the more rewards you get afterwards. That would add some strategy if you want to get safe rewards or rather take the risk to get more.
You could do that as a 1 battle only - win or lose. Or they could give us several attempts, maybe including the chance to raise the level if you won before, until you lose (and then giving you the rewards for the highest level you could beat).