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Brainstorming for my teamcomp

Hey Dino loving People,

I would like to hear your thoughts about my team and help me find my last pieces.

Here i’m now

Dilo and Giga need to leave. I’m not sure about indo right now.

Dilo —> never liked it but dilo was tyrant for a long time and i had enought dna for it.
Giga —> My first and favorit hybrid. Love it but it is time for the endgame now. Sorry my old friend :frowning:
Indo —> I dont know about it, buff pushed her a bit but i think she will leave at some point too. Also she shares T-Rex dna with Erli and Tryko ( Both will stay 100% in my end team).

Rules for your suggestions:

  1. Unique only, even if they are grind heavy.
  2. Rest of my team will 99% stay as they are.
  3. Give me your thoughts about your suggestion too. Take dio with no explanation wont help me.

So far what i would do.

Dilo—> Quetzorizon it looks so cool and i felt in love with it pretty quick. Her speed and SIA looking like a good member for my slow team.
Also the SIA should help me with high damage turns (tento thor draco).

Giga —> Maxima should do the job now, just waaaaaay better. Maxi is also a sweet looking hybrid with a strong skill set and really good stats.

Indo —> i have no clue about this little allrounder.
Perhaps a futher hybrid? Need a lot of help here.

Thx for your time and input :slight_smile:

Thanks for your critic. Help me a lot here.
But i wont stop it. You may ask why?
Here a few reasons:

  1. I love this game
  2. Playing it daily
  3. Vip isnt a “Pay to win” mechanic and wont boost me to top3 alone.
  4. JWA is the best mobile game out now (my opinion).
  5. I can reach 5 more Coin drops at home and 4 more at work with VIP.
  6. 10 bucks are no money in my country. Going to MC Donalds once costs more.

Still have a nice day and i hope the dino spawn gods are with you :slight_smile:

In my opinion tento would be on chopping block. Too many immune. Rinex is on mine when I decide to pull the trigger. Magna and erlispy are 2 good options and i know you said uniques only but pro would also be a good 3rd.

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I would put Maxima, Magna and Dio in the place of those 3.
Dilo is very bad in this meta, Indo is better but not that good, Giga is not end game material imo.
Dio is a great tank and wins most of it’s matchups, can come in clutch depending on the predictions. Maxima and Magna are pretty much some of the best dinos in the game. Even if they eventually get a nerf for being too strong in this patch, I don’t think there will be any hammering on them anymore, they will probably remain tyrant.

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I’m still behind with a lot of uniques, but Quetzorion is absolutely fantastic IMHO. She works great against Erlidominus and DC in particular.

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