Brand new but very active Alliance needs active People!

Hi there, we‘re a brand new community with experienced members and we urgently need more people! Our values are simple: we‘re donating a lot and trying to achieve daily targets all together. We communicate in English. If it sounds interesting for you, give it a try :slight_smile: Jurassican Divine


Goof luck with your new alliance. We have room in ours for all your members if you want to check us out. PM me for details

Hi!! Can I ask how many people are in your alliance right now? Mine isn’t as active as I would like and I’m searching for a new one. I’m very active multiple times a day!!

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Hi, we‘re 5 now, between 3000 and 5100 and very active too! Donating and achieving daily targets as well.

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Hi @Roman_Krut! We are also a fairly new but active alliance of 13 members if you would like to join us! No discord requirement, donate when we can, work towards alliance missions - that’s all we ask! Check us out at TerrorLizards

Hi all, we‘re already 8 :slight_smile: Yesterday we were 5… I mean it‘s nothing big yet but I‘m already proud :upside_down_face:

So maybe it‘s still worth joining us. We‘re all between 5050 and 3050 right now, accepting members from 3000 and more.


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Like all the others here, we are also a new but meanwhile also a successful alliance. Everyone knows that we can only be successful, if everybody do his part and stay active. If you are interessted, please feel free to watch our alliance and become a teammember!


Hi, then join us :slight_smile 2600 can quick become 3000 if you‘re really active!

My thread buddy :smirk: create your own one, if you would‘t mind

@Roman_Krut I’m really sorry! It wasn’t my Intention to use your threat for my matters! I still read very quickly over all postings and during that, it seemed to me that this became a threat for all alliances which are searching new members! Now I know that this isn’t the way it is and I can only apologize for my misstake!! Sorry!
I still only want to say that english isn’t my native lanquage and perhaps this was one reason more for my misstake!
Once more a big ‘sorry’ and wish you all the best!


So today we‘re already 10, folks is very active, donating, having fun and battling. Sanctuaries Level 5 & 6

Please come to visit us :slight_smile:


So folks, we’re already 14 members (2500 till 5200), donating as hell (also dinos we need by ourselves) and trying already to hit 3/2 with only 14 people, but everybody is really active

Please have a look if interested!

Please accept my request to join. My JWA profile is Joseph.

Thank you!

Hello all, we‘re already 25 and always considering new members who are ready to join. Rules are simple: be always active, show interest to the game and help each other with donations. See u in our alliance :slight_smile:


Hey guys, we‘re rebuilding our alliance and are recruiting again. No discord and commitments in our alliance, no pressure.

Be active - play tournaments and achieve daily targets - donate - receive - enjoy. That‘s pretty much it

Jurassican Divine.