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Brawl Action Points

Just curious if anyone else has problems with action points being awarded in brawl. Most recently it has been happening a lot with Cloudjumper. I will use a basic attack at the beginning of the brawl. Then on the next turn I will have two action points. Use basic attack again and the next turn I will have 4 action points. I use the basic attack again because on Cloudjumper’s next turn, I should have 5 action points and be able to do his special move. Well come next turn I suddenly will have less action points. This always varies. Sometimes two will disappear and sometimes only one. This last brawl was particularly frustrating because Cloudjumper’s special move would have been perfectly timed if the action points were right. But on his next turn I had gone from 4 action points down to ONE after only using basic attacks the whole brawl. So, being forced to use a basic attack, one of my other dragons was killed. Then on Cloudjumper’s next turn I suddenly had a full bar and could use his special move. This happens frequently. I am not sure if there is any sort of rhyme or reason to how points are awarded. If there is, I certainly haven’t figured it out in over a years worth of play.

I notice this, and similar glitches pretty much every single Brawl. My team often generates almost no points at all, or suddenly has three, while the enemy team almost without fail gets two points a turn. I almost NEVER get a full bank of action points. Brawls continue to be enormously stacked against players.

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I have not seen this, but some opponent dragons have attacks that take away action points

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I don’t know that I’ve ever noticed my own points being wrong. However, it is not unusual for an attack that is supposed to remove action points from my opponent fail to do so. (The AP blocks will turn red, but then the computer will get another AP exactly as if the now-red AP blocks are “filled”.)

…And no, I am not just seeing extra APs awarded for defeated dragons canceling out the removed APs.

I’ve never seen this problem before (either the OP’s or robocat’s), and I have over 236k Brawl trophies. Weird.