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Brawl speed explain please?

Hello, I m new to the game and like the brawl. However, I m having trouble understanding the speed stat.

The wiki says the speed decides the dragon’s position but it looks very random.

Furious dragon has 70 speed and protector has 65, my protector dragons sometimes starts on position 1 and furious goes behind.

Also, why dragon orders are different when I have the same sets? In order to avoid randomization, I put at least 2 dragons with different speed in my deck.

Theoretically, the dragons should start in the order of swift > cunning > furious > protector. But the order seem to be random in each match.

Is speed only applies on the running? And the starting position is always random? It gets very frustrating as the AI is getting harder and I can’t use strategy to win because of the order is ruined.


Yes, starting order is random. Speed deals with how quickly each dragon will get another turn. (Way back when, dragons got a little indicator that showed their “turn timeout” elapsing, and this was more obvious.)

You will notice if you play enough that swift dragons will “jump queue” more often, and protectors will “miss turns” more often. That’s not actually what’s happening, it’s rather that swift dragons act (numbers are made up to give easy examples and are not accurate) on every 6th tick, while protectors only act on every 10th tick, which means sometimes the swift will act twice in between the protector’s actions. These stats can be further altered by [de]buffs. The starting tick, however, is also subject to a random factor.

(Seriously, has no one else played Crono Trigger? I’m pretty sure some of the FF’s, and probably other JRPGs, use the same system.)

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