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There are so many bugs and glitches happening in brawls. Restrictions from the special attacks of my dragons don’t always work. I have the statue of heroic precision and the attack reduces health but doesn’t restrict the opponent. Even weakening the opponent, it doesn’t always work but the opponent loses health. Please fix these lags


Hey there! Sorry that you have encountered some potential issues with Brawl features. Our team is looking into them to improve players’ experience with Brawls in-game. Please contact our support team at this link: and explain your issue so we can get more information in order to solve it. Thank you for reaching out to us! As a heads up, avoid sending multiple tickets as it may prolong the time it takes to receive a response. Hope this helps!

Brawls are a mess. Turns constantly skipped in order for the guest to win. Evades work at around an 8 guest to1 myself ratio if not worse. Cant recall seeing an even fight based on rankings. What i have discovered is the win loss ratio is around 2/3 - 1 loss ratio.


All of this and more. Enemies get twice as many action points, YOUR action points and buffs vanish after a turn for no reason while ENEMIES have negative effects vanish within a turn, despite no one using a special ability. You get dumped into a new wave with low health? Have fun getting hammered by a few enemies with no chance to heal before they roast you, and they probably got a special attack right off the bat too.

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