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Break down of 1.12 update

So now that we have the patch notes let’s talk about the big changes and new creatures coming. And give some opinions on them

New creatures:

Titanoboa : epic
4,500 health
1,200 attack
112 speed
20% crit
Immune: to distraction
Passive: on escape rampage


  • Pinning strike
  • Precise rampage
  • Decelerating impact

Seems like a good new creatures kit seems like just truly anti speedster although I don’t know how I feel about that passive rampage but I seems I love it.

Titanoboa gen2: rare
4,200 health
1,100 attack
110 speed
20% crit
Immune to distraction
Passive: on escape dust cloud


  • Shielded decel strike
  • Precise rampage
  • Precise impact

Seems also good but not as much as it’s gen 1 counterpart

Megalogaina: epic hybrid
3960 health
1,200 attack
122 speed
Immune to deceleration

Shielded decelerating strike
Decelerating impact

  • armor piercing counter

Great so we have an even more annoying version of the deer and miragina…:expressionless::upside_down_face: I’m soo happy

Entelomoth: legendary hybrid
4,500 health
1,500 attack
120 speed
20% armor
Immune to DoT and stuns
Passive: on escape heal

Persistent ferocious strike
Mutual fury
Defense shattering rampage

I’m on the fence this about it. one it’s another mammoth hybrid so it’s gonna super hard to get and it’s gonna have competition with mammotherium. Two that kit if it fasces something faster it can just go MF then kill almost anything with DSR or add even more attack with persistent ferocious attack and then kill anything so we will wait and see also seriously another immune to stuns and DoT

Dilophoboa: legendary hybrid
3510 health
1,100 attack
117 speed
10% crit
Immune to distraction
Passive: venomous counter and on escape evasive strike

Pinning strike
Nullifying impact
Precise rampage

Hmmm idk about this I mean the counter seems good but the rest ehhhhh I’ll have to see in battle to give my true feelings

Spinoconstricter: Unique super hybrid
3,600 health
1,200 attack
122 speed
10% crit
Immune to distraction
Passive: wounding counter on escape evasion

Pinning strike
Exploit wound
Precise rampage

I mean it looks interesting :face_with_monocle: I suppose but it seems to rely solely on that counter and wound to do anything also spinosaurs finally I can get rid of that dna

Balanced changes


Minor, regular and greater rending counter: new icons… that’s it I think like I seriously can’t find anything different

Rending takedown: now has 2 turn delay and one turn cool down.

Okay everyone cover your ears okay…WHAT THE HECK LUDIA YOUR PRICKS!?! What it’s wrong with you all; you just needed a move that was completely balanced, allo and thylo are now dead along with there components.

Creatures balances:

Indoraptor gen2: changes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING; ZILTCH, NADA!


Dracoceratops: no changes but I’m not as peaed off

Ardentismaxima: got definite strike; so instead giving balanced stats they like okay let’s buff it again

Gemini gets another buff I guess and it seems it will now do better against tryko thxs ludia

Crocs: I guess that helps

Smilonemys: gains decelerating shielded strike and rampage and run along with immune to decel.

I honestly don’t know hat to say it was already super strong but now it’s just close to broken. Think about it it can now slow do 4x damage then run

Anyway what did u guys think

  • Update is good
  • It’s meh
  • It’s bad

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You forgot about Spinoconstrictor, a unique

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I’m doing it but by but it’s alot

So I’ll keep updating it as I finish each part

I can’t vote, a couple of things I’m really happy about but I’m so cranky about Thylo right now I want to tear them a new one. I use Indo gen 2 and the epic chicken but was happy they were getting a little nerf. Did they listen at all. What was the point of the survey…ohhhh that’s right their survey didn’t work!!! Arrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I’m conflicted on this update.

We got some good changes, being the drone speed variances, the new campaign missions, creature migration, the new snakes and hybrids seem cool in theory (will have to wait until we get them to see how they perform and such).

And then we have the bad, Thyla and Alloraptor apparently got nerfed (hope that’s just a typo on Takedown), no CS nerf, and no proRAT nerf.

So I voted for “It’s meh”, because the good stuff is good, but the bad stuff is bad.


no bug fixes… not even one? :scream:


Ludia probably ran into a bug trying to type “We fixed [number] bugs this patch” and couldn’t include it.


All was good except the rending takedown nerf. But since It seems there are less hybrids and new creatures then some other past updates It feels like it’s missing something. So for all those reasons it’s meh. It’s amazing how such a small detail can sour the whole update :expressionless:

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Update 1.12:

Less than satisfactory.


Tweaks and response to feedback
Less than satisfactory.

Reasons to have faith in Ludia
Few as ever. The good stuff is far outweighed by the amount of stuff that went unaddressed and completely untouched.

Overall rating
In the words of @Thylo_75, Meh.

The whole thing is a bit tone deaf in my opinion. Communication hasn’t really improved and the mammoths in the room are going…unnoticed? ignored? undarted?
Basically, it still seems like the community is going "Talk to us, please!" to little avail. They do seem to be making some effort, though. If it is enough will remain to be seen.


Why did rending takedown get a delay 2 and why was cautious strike not touched?

That move was completely fine and nobody was complaining about it, besides, that move is easily countered by distraction and evasion, though how did CS not get touched at all? There’s not really much you can do against cautious strike, because it’s basically 5 moves in 1. I mean, I can understand why it has the cleanse, distraction and dodge since the word “cautious” means to avoid any potential problems and dangers. So you can avoid a bleed, or absorb the majority of damage from a heavy DSR, but why does it have speedup and can hit precisely? It’s not really like the word “cautious” means to be precise or to be faster than your opponent right? I feel terribly bad for all the people who worked hard on thylacotator just to see her big hit have a delay 2. So ludia, for the 1.13 patch, have rending takedown back to delay 1 and maybe you can nerf rending takedown from 60% to it’s former 50%? And for cautious strike, have it loose the precise and speedup.



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I think the Cleanse needs to go too, the precision is justified imo.

In any case, their point is, the community has spoken. Technically only a random chunk of the community, but they say they paid attention to the forums too, which apparently makes up for that.

But supposing the community really does want Indo G2 and Procera to remain the same, then I guess we really can’t help that. But we know Ludia can choose to ignore the Community’s opinions, so…

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Honestly all we asked for was get rid of speed and cleanse then it could have its counter but nope gotta have that money

Sooo lol they should

Kinda meh for me.

Although I do use Indor2, I would have been okay with a nerf. It wasn’t too bad fighting against it at first, since Blue was insanely rare and their levels weren’t high. Now that Ludia have spoon fed everyone Blue, I no longer feel that the rarity justifies CS being so powerful.

Yoshi not getting a nerf was a joke. One of them actually took down my Ardentis in just 2 moves (!!!), so somebody needs to explain why that was possible…

New creatures were disappointing. Nice having snakes, but just those two? And still no new dinosaurs such as Troodon, Lambeosaurus, Compy, etc.

Other stuff looks pretty good, but it’s let down by the above. So not awful, not good, just kinda meh.


Regarding the campaign, the additional battles (I don’t mean the ones at the end) are likely regarding On Escape abilities, so we might get some free Titanoboa DNA. Potentially.

You know how I can tell that Indoraptor Gen 2 is Ludia’s star attraction?
When you use Cautious Strike, it flashes to a quick shot of Indo performing the attack. No other basic moves do this. Camera stays fixed. But they just couldn’t help themselves. :smirk:

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Oh yeah, time to wreck some face

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I think you’re on to something there. We can only hope.