Breakdown of Cost per level per Dinosaur Rarity

Does anyone have a link to or have made, themselves a breakdown of how much it costs (gold) to level up your Dino? 1000 gold for common level 10? Any help is greatly appreciated!

jwa field guide and jwa toolbox can show dna and gold costs

Check on


Then go to a dino, scroll and you will find how much does it to level up from 1-30, how much DNA, and if you want per level set it: e.g From level 9 to level 10…

You can also battle, find best dinos for PvP and many more.

Dworry, its safe, many people from jwa use it as it is good and versatile. update every time

You can also download the field guide app and it will probably be the same

That is it, hopefully it helps!


Both are wonderful answers and y’all even answered my follow up! Thank you!

This should help.


Imma actually save this too thank you lol