Breakdown of the drops near me (spoiler - green drops are poor)

First off, Ludia - thank you SO much for the increased range. No sarcasm, it’s appreciated!

But there is still one glaring flaw - seriously unbalanced drops. Here’s an example of what I can see from home (roughly, not including the park that I can’t reach anyway):

Total (58)
Common Epic Strike: 7
Common Rare Strike: 12
Rare Strike: 17
Scent Strike: 6
Green Drop: 4

Within Reach (8)
Common Epic Strike: 0
Common Rare Strike: 3
Rare Strike: 2
Scent Strike: 3
Green Drop: 0

I’m going to miss out on the epics again because all that ever spawns around my house are these dang strike events. They’re really ruining the game for me, because there are far too many of them clogging up the map. I don’t see why I need 4 of the same strike event, especially when they’re practically right next to each other.


The same thing is happening to me. Usually I’ll have at least 1-2 green event drops in range. Not everyday, but every other day. This is the only week where I have had none. This is even with the increased range. :slightly_frowning_face:

They do need to be spread out more evenly. Crossing my fingers this gets improved next week.

Btw, I am extremely grateful for the extended range. Today as far as strike towers were concerned helped a lot. Plus I can spin several orange supply drops instead of just 1.

I’m telling you I can’t stand this new strike tower swap. They reset at 10pm eastern time. So I have to go back out again and find the new towers. I wish Ludia would just put all towers out at the same time for the day. You know what? Even better idea, use my idea and make all drops easier to find without having towers. @Ludia_Developers @Ned @John

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Nearest green tower from home. Not doable even with a 400 meters dron radius. Enjoy quaranteen everyone.Screenshot_2020-03-29-15-18-58-554_com.ludia.jw2

Or they could just make it a cycle. Like all the strike towers are the easiest ones, and when you defeat them, they change.


Meanwhile, I have 4 green drops and I don’t really want any of the stuff they offer, though I’m taking turtles. But I’d rather have strikes.

"- What can we do in this hard times of coronavirus?

  • Oh, I know… let’s reward the people that put others at risk by breaking the almost global lockdown by not having enough green drops but very good/game-changing dinos in them every weekend."

For real, do something, dammit.

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So today we got the Epic Strikes - I have 3 of them around me. Still not a single green drop around my house because of all the strikes…

I won’t keep updating this but man, I wish Ludia would do something about the lack of green supply drops.

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They should just go crazy with them… keep the current structure for the normal ones and just add a ton of weird ones in the map.
That’s it.

I would be fine having at least ONE green dop at range, since I can probably get 100 dna from that distance… beats having nothing or having to risk yourself and the rest by going out.

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Thank you for the feedback, Phil.

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Lucky, I can only see 3 drops, with or without the extra range. There’s a park next to my house which is so close to being in reach.

I didn’t know they did this until this morning, and when I wake up, BAM there’s a new strike tower that resets shortly…

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