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BreakfastClub Gen 2 looking for new team members!

BreakfastClub Gen 2 is recruiting! We are an active, friendly, fun, amazing group of people - who work as a team. Our team is comprised of Dino hunters, Battlers, Tournament Go-ers, and some who do them all. Our team is looking for people who:

• love the game
• use discord (or Facebook)
• play Frequently
• use request fairly (give if you take)
• help with missions
• participate in tournaments
• enjoy playing in tournaments
• are prepared to follow future Sanctuary rules

We understand some can’t play everyday and only ask that you play Frequently and give us a heads up if you won’t be signing on for a little bit.

We currently have 2 spots waiting for you!
We can’t wait to meet you!

Apply here. We will then ask you to DM your Discord or facebook ID.

Could I maybe join? The only problem is that I can’t get facebook or discord.

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Hello, new player, just level 7, but climbing up to 553 on Mt. Sibo. I’ve been a very active player for the last month and am pretty serious about gaming. I’m an officer in my SWGOH guild and have been hitting my dailies and taking part in raids for about 5 years, so I’m looking for a place to grow, level up, and learn about this game.

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