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Breaking bad accepting active players


We’ve got some spots open for active players.
No cheater accounts.
No starter accounts, please.
We are a fairly active alliance and hit rank 4 easily, looking to hit 5/5


what if i dont have any blue, would you still accept me?


I don’t use Blue.

Maybe. Are you active and rising? DM your digits and I’ll send an invite.


oh ok i gotcha :wink:


breaking bad dude. love the name. i am in a great alliance already was just making conversation. goodluck with your alliance.


Hoping for alliance leader tools. I do my best to see who’s active, but outside of trophy count, there’s not much you can do. I almost booted one of our most active alliance mission players, based on trophies. She doesn’t arena battle, but is very active otherwise.

Cleaned out 5 spots still with 0 trophies. Now have 5 open spots.


if you ask me thats not important. alliance should be family first then all that other stuff jmo. i know its important to have active participants but not crucial. but all alliances are different i guess. i like to think of my alliance as casual friends, no pressure.

tools would be a plus but may also be a curse.


I’d just like to know players that left, don’t play, accounts inactive. No real way of knowing outside of tournament (0 trophies) and that’s not reliable.

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